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Sally C - Nasty

These are a few of my published pieces and a few other goodies. If you want more information, PDF copies of these publications, or my full length CV, please contact me at You can also use your clever detective skills to sleuth out my page if you like!

Sally C - Nasty

Download Zip:

Hi Lea! I do sell my work and would be happy to arrange a selection of works in whatever format you would like! Please contact me at Thank you! And sorry for the LATE reply! I blame COVID!

After a particularly nasty batch of bologna is served at Nockfell High, Ashley agrees to help Sal get to the bottom of the lunch meat's origin. Her efforts in the school proved to be for naught as no evidence resided within the janitor's closet like she originally suspected.

Miss Mills is a pixie of a lass with a wonderfully expressive face. Ives, every inch of him, is all geniality. Dorothy McGuire is an appealing mother, Eddie Hodges a talented kid brother -- one, happily, not cast in the nasty vein.

You reported the rare killing of an alpha male chimpanzee in Tanzania by his underlings (9 March, p 16) . Perhaps they had simply had a gutful of the nasty brute, and made a collective decision to get rid of him once and for all. Plenty of tyrants have gone the same way. 041b061a72

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