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KILLCMOS 64 Bits: A Simple and Effective Solution for BIOS Problems

If you dont have another PC or if theres no one to help you, do try to see if you can desolder the CMOS from your laptop. If you used hot air to solder the ribbon cable to the CPU, try to unplug it, and heat it in a lighter for a few minutes. If you successfully desoldered your ribbon cable, replace it. All those pins you soldered to the ribbon cable go to some logic board. You need a logic board desolder to remove those pins. If you can successfully desolder those pins, then desolder all your pins and heat them up again.

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You are right, removing the CMOS is not that easy, and not recommended at all. The first thing you need to do is to take your laptop, unplug its power, then you have to take off your battery. Then you only need to remove the plastic cover on the motherboard, and remove the large metal cover, then the motherboard is exposed and you can remove the CPU cover. Try to remove all the ribbon cables and leave only two: the fan connectors. But the easiest way to remove all the ribbon cables is to desolder them one by one with an iron. If you follow this guide to desolder and if you have success, then you can use the same iron to remove the CPU cover.

Its important to understand that your laptop is connected to the electricity via a large metal box, basically a transformer, this box is called the motherboards primary coil. When you remove the battery, the power goes to this box first. When the power goes to this box, it will transfer power to your motherboard via the ribbon cables that you desolder. If you remove the ribbon cables of a laptop, you will kill the motherboard. And once the motherboard dies, the laptop will not boot. It is also not recommended to remove the motherboard, because if you have ribbon cables that go to the CMOS, you will have to desolder them manually. If you successfully desoldered the ribbon cables, then remove the primary coil and do the same on the other side. If you need to desolder again ribbon cables, you need to remember that the motherboard is connected to the primary coil with all the ribbon cables together, in a loop. If you remove the ribbon cables, your motherboard will die.


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