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Master Portrait Drawing with Proko Portrait Drawing Fundamentals Dvd Torrent

as stated earlier, theres a paid premium content series that is worth every dollar. but if you only have the free content you can access the lessons and the portraits that youve drawn at the end. many of the free lessons are exactly that, just a few minutes of teaching that give you an overall understanding of the approach and working methods.

Proko Portrait Drawing Fundamentals Dvd Torrent


the free lessons are a great way to start off with a new subject, because it forces you to have to think about and practice the techniques and methods. this makes you a better artist and better thinker. once you are comfortable with the basics, you can progress on to the paid material and the insights and advice that the premium content has to offer.

in the free lesson, lesson #1, landscape painting, youll be introduced to the theory and working methods of the simple, quick-step approach. this lesson uses watercolor and ink. all the concepts are reiterated in the other five free lessons, and youll feel as if your working with a master whenever you finish and watch the video again.

by the time youve watched proko portrait drawing fundamentals dvd 10 times, youll be able to carry that same level of proficiency to any new subject that you choose to pick up. youll be able to see the fundamentals and the skills that mark drawing is all about, and it will enable you to develop your skills to a level that theyll be easy to apply to many different subjects. if youre looking for a baseline program, this is it. once youve achieved this goal, you can use proko portrait drawing fundamentals dvd free to practice and develop in new areas. this is the project that will enable you to take the leap into becoming an artist.


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