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Black Summer Season 1 Complete Pack [UPD]

As schools lock their doors and students burn their backpacks in large piles or whatever it is they do to celebrate, the first signs of summer are upon us. But though summer technically starts on Sunday, it's coming early this week to TV. The Season 1 finale of Freeform's Cruel Summer airs Tuesday night, and Season 2 of Netflix's Black Summer premieres on Thursday.

Black Summer Season 1 Complete Pack

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Season 1 finale Tuesday at 10/9c on FreeformAccording to my calendar, real summer hasn't even started yet, but Cruel Summer is already signing off. Freeform's juicy teen drama has spent its first season jumping between the narratives of two teens who know more than they're saying: Kate (Olivia Holt), the kidnap victim, and Jeanette (Chiara Aurelia), the wannabe popular girl who took over her life. After the intense penultimate episode dove into Kate's experience in captivity, the season finale will send her and Jeanette to court, where more secrets should come to light. Will we get the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? That's a matter of perspective. -Kelly Connolly [TRAILER]

@asohblack on a @swll beat. No need to say more.We'll also be interviewing Asoh Black, make sure to stay connected to our Facebook to check the interview (online soon) Download: -black-summer-playlists-prod-by-swellDiscover:@asohblack@swllpicture by @sinhbeats

Then, hopefully, in seasons to come, we start to unpack and open up these characters and learn more about the world and the virus that has infected everybody. I think it is an interesting way to tell a story, to just kind of throw you into the adrenaline mix and then unpack. 041b061a72


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