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Country Star Gary Allan Is Racist

Damn look at your racist rant. You are the perfect example of democrat Hate equal to the democrat parties KKK they started in the early 19th century and your parties Jim Crow laws which inspired Hitler to be so embolden. Without white people you would be living in a 3rd world country like Africa, Jamaica and any country run by black people so shut up and be great full or get outta here. Go back to your ancestral country where you will live in poverty with no job living in a stick hut. Black Americans are murdering black Americans at record levels like in Chicago every week. At levels greater war zones.Odd you ignore reality and spew hate filled lies.

Country Star Gary Allan Is Racist

The bipartisan bickering and party separation of the country really took hold when Nelson Mandella, I mean Barrack Obama took office and instantly declared us all racist. Its been downhill from there. I do not remember this issue in the Bush admin, though there were antiwar haters, which is typical for liberals. They would rather fight thier brother than the murderer at the door.

What a load of crap. The country was at its best under Clinton. Great economy, healthcare and low taxes. He did not rob the poor to feed the rich. Then we get Bush fir eight years, cos loses the banks and started a war. Get a grip and an education.


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