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Kickboxer 4 - The Aggressor (1994) __TOP__

Trash action masterpiece featuring some amazing fight scenes that play like Looney Tunes crossed with a bareknuckle back alley brawl. I really like how Tong Po, the villainous kickboxer with a bald-pony, is now a Mexican drug lord / "visionary record producer" for some reason. And the fashion choices are on-point early '90s comic book chic featuring sunglasses indoors, side arm uzis, shirts with 1319387 pockets and pouches, midriffs, and shrieking loud suits. Kickboxer 4 never drags and the dialogue sounds like it was written by aliens who observed humans for one minute and then wrote a movie about them. Non-stop entertaining well executed backyard action with plenty of laffs and sinister schemes between set pieces! Pyun even leaves an opening for Kickboxer 5! Whatever dimension this movie escaped from, I want to go there!

Kickboxer 4 - The Aggressor (1994)

really hate this main guy and the whole sex slave plot & softcore scenes were eye-rollingly charles band-esque. but the mexican hotel setting, the flamboyant shirts, barely disguised stunt doubles, and some amazing action scenes definitely make up for it. and bless pyun for cramming in a scrappy lady kickboxer with a shitty attitude! i love her!

Kickboxer 4 (1994) is a down beat tale starring Sasha Mitchell. He's the last of the Sloanes (the two brothers from the first Kickboxer). A series of events have left Sloane in disgrace. His only saving grace is his beloved wife. The nasty Tong Po is back and he took Sloane's old lady. Now, he's on a mission. To find his wife and uphold the family's honor. Will this be the final battle between Sloane and the mean and nasty Tong Po? Check this one out!A fun film. Not a great one mid you but a watchable one. I wouldn't go out of my way looking for a copy however. If you love the Kickboxer series or a Sasha Mitchell fan then this one's for you. Average.CThe pint sized kung-fu fighter is a cutie.

What a bunch of junk! Michel Qissi in the first 2 kickboxers kicked butt, but this joker, Kamel Krifia or whatever, is a laughing stock. Noticed when he fights his poor make up job cause his scalp to become wrinkled, making it an obvious bald wig. And what about his eyelids? And even his body just looks way too different and his obvious change in his accent. And where was Xian? The coolest part of the movie was the retracing of old memories and they showed clips from the previous films, there was a scene where I beleive the original Tong Po played by Qissi gets spit on, I thought that was cool b/c I had never seen that in the previous movies. If anyone knows of any interesting facts about the movie, such as where Xian went, where that scene came from, why the *beep* they made this such a crappy film..then respond please!!

ray jackson:u and me both. i think kickboxer 2 is 10x better than 1, 4, and 5. not 3 though. i think 3 is the best film in the series. therefore, 3 is the best sequel, followed by 2, and finally 4. 5 i don't really consider as part of the series. 4 is the decent sequel. my fav part was the 3 some scene. those 2 chicks were f!!!!!g hottttttttttt. the guy was so lucky. like i'm ever gonna score. look at

"Kickboxer 4 is truly a must see for anyone who consider themselves a contender in the stakes of bad movies." - American Ninja Man Kickboxer 4: The Aggressor (1994)Director: Albert PyunWriter: Albert Pyun, David YorkinProducer: Jessica G. BudinCast: Sasha Mitchell, Kamel Krifa, Thom Mathews, Nicholas Guest, Jill Pierce, Brad ThrontonRunningTime: 90 min. Plot: See review below. Availability: This title is available at HKflix.comReviewsAMERICAN NINJA MAN'S REVIEW: Kickboxer 4 (wisely) ignores the previous entry and instead establishes itself as a more direct sequel to Kickboxer 1 and 2. Kickboxer 4 opens with a quick rehash of what Kickboxer 1 and 2 were all about. David Sloan (Sasha Mitchell in his third go around) is writing a letter to his wife and he explains that Tong Po gunned down Kurt (Who was played by Jean-Claude Van Damme) and Eric and basically forced him into the ring by torching David's gym. He also says that Tong Po cheated against Eric, which is untrue because anyone who's seen the first movie knows that Eric underestimated Tong Po and got his ass kicked. Oh and I forgot David is writing this "Dear Vicki" letter from prison (A place Sasha Mitchell would learn all about in the next three years) as he has been set up by Tong Po, after a DEA bust went awry. "I know you, you're the pig who framed husband!" 041b061a72


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